are available in four versions

For different use and requirements you can get different models of the fitness center inside your shoe.

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The big Kick-Off will be on October 1st 2020

The fitness center inside the shoe can soon be ordered. However, we still need many fans and friends for the production who support us on Kickstarter und Co. We are still in the process of optimizing. We are happy to keep you informed in case you would like to secure the Earlybird rate on Kickstarter. Just subscribe to the newsletter and secure the advantages.

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And what should all this be good for?

Q-Boid® The idea

Here you can learn more about the functionality of the Q-Boid® training system from Q-Boid® developer and movement expert Christian T. Hansen (Doctor of Chiropractic, USA).

Free Your Feet®

You want to keep wearing your shoes and still give your feet the freedom of walking barefooted?
No problem with Q-Boid®.

Our feet – our basis

We have developed a training system that fits into nearly any flat shoe. It significantly improves the flexibility of the feet, strengthens their muscles and thereby gives the feet back the freedom to move powerfully without being hindered. This has a positive effect on the entire fitness.

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1,2,3 – the Q-Boid® system

With the fitness centre inside the shoe you can gradually improve your movement and running ability over 3 levels. With the Q-Boid® domes you train your running performance step by step and thus build it up. Experience the first effects of your increased performance already after few weeks.

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For all circumstances

Q-Boids have been developed for different applications in different models and thus are able to adapt to your requirements: the Performance line for sports applications, Outdoor for trekking and walking, Business for working life in the office and Every Day for normal everyday life.

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