Freedom for the feet

In today’s society, people who walk around barefooted stand out or are prejudged. However, unfortunately, shoes impair the natural flexibility of our feet. The worst fact is that we do not even realize how degenerated our feet already are until we finally consider orthopedic insoles as last option. However, this is wrong.

In order to get your feet properly fit without having to dispense with wearing shoes we have developed a training system that fits into any shoe.

Natural walking

When we walk we touch the ground with the outside of the heel, roll over the outer edge of the foot to the front, roll to the inside on the ball of the foot up to the big toe and push us off from the ground.

The outside of the foot is the stabilizing side and the inside of the foot with the first three toes the power side which takes care of the power directed to the front. Thus the foot is divided into two.

In order for the foot to turn from the outside to the inside the middle foot needs to be flexible. The so-called “Os Cuboideum” must be able to rotate. This is where the Q-Boid® domes activate.

Q-Boid System