»I gradually bring my feet in best form. Without the exchangeable domes this would not be possible so easily. This is just great.«

Peter Emelieze, professional sportsman

with Q-Boid® Performance
to an ideal performance.



Peter Emelieze is a professional sprinter and puts an extreme strain on his feet.

Amongst other competitions he took part in the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and reached the semi-finals in the 100-meter-sprint discipline. He is convinced of the Q-Boid® system because it helped him to continually increase his performance.

Crazy about tennis: Nina and Catrin from Cologne

Lawyer and German Tennis Champion Nina meets journalist Catrin regularly for joint training sessions. Sport is very important for both of them and it serves to balance body and soul – and nowadays it is almost impossible for the two without the Qboids.

Q-Boid® Performance
is ideal for sport applications.
The carrier insole is very resilient, cushioning and breathable.